Simplified & Hassle-Free VAT Compliance for your business.

An Automated industry specific VAT Billing & Return Filing Platform​.

  • Complete tax filing without any manual intervention.
  • Tax invoices, credit/debit notes and self-billed invoices that comply with the VAT Legislation.
  • Sales Quotations and receipts, tracking of customers sales & vendor purchase orders, payments etc.
  • Integrate with your ERP system using Recorder Utility.
  • Validates data imported and flags for Errors & Warnings ensuring 100 % Accurate VAT Compliance.
  • Seamless and Real time compliance preparation.
  • Notification for Routine and Preventive checks of VAT Filing deadlines.
  • Automated Reconciliation of invoices with FTA import data.
  • VAT Dashboard with Standard as well as Custom Compliance Report for VAT Liabilities, Tax Group Dues etc.
  • Automated bots which uploads the returns on FTA portal for VAT filing.

Key Features:

  • Making you VAT Ready with Invoicing
    • Create
      • Be compliant with all invoicing rules of GCC countries.
      • Manage refunds and returns with credit notes
      • Send Invoice your customers directly by email.
    • Scan
      • Scan & Extract the invoice data using OCR and Machine Learning.
      • Capture multiple line items
      • Support Handwritten and Multi-lingual invoice
    • Upload
      • AI based bots to upload the transaction from any ERP system.
      • Easily map the mandatory fields with the data fields available.
  • Preparing VAT Compliance with Tax Rule Engine
    • Data Validation
      • Validates your data using predefined VAT rules
      • TRN Validation & Verification to avoid filing errors
      • Tax Rate validator to compute tax based on type of VAT supplies
  • Ensuring your business Penalty Free with Notification Engine
    • System notifications to take right actions
    • Automated notifications by Web Push and E-mail
    • Alerts to control Inventory, Tax consultant request etc
    • Compliance calendar and reminder
  • Be on Top of VAT Filing with Tax Auto Filing
    • Generate FTA VAT compliance with all tax dues
    • Auto upload the compliance data to FTA portal using Bots
  • Making you VAT Effective with Analytical Report
    • An engine to generate various reports based on data in the system
    • Fetch data from various sources in system to create insightful report
    • Create a report with Drag & Drop interface

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