About Us

We’re a bunch of disruptors, innovators and leaders working together with the passion to develop an awesome product that will empower enterprises and build a lifelong partnership with our customers. These core values push us the limits of impossible and this led us towards building a most comprehensive, yet simple to use RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform with AI-powered Bots to manage business processes & compliance for all types of industry sectors.

The simplicity of the RPA platform allows us to automate the business processes for our global customers. With every Bot we build and every problem we solve, we aim to free our customers to focus on most important aspects of the business and boost their profits by,

  • Increasing employee productivity.
  • Reducing total cost of operations.
  • Increasing in speed of operations with 100% accuracy.
  • Improving customer satisfaction.

Our vision at GIBots is to Empower Enterprises through our continuous technological innovation. Our mission is to build world’s first SaaS based Hybrid automation platform on the cloud across OS, Devices, functions and Industries to be the number 1 choice for all our customers. Today with this mission, we became the Pioneers in Document Digitization Technology and SaaS-based platform that can automate any business process using the technologies such as Image & Text Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Automation using Web & Windows Recorder, Automation over Citrix Environment and powered with RPA, OCR, NLP, AI & Machine Learning.

“Every great product we built and every great efforts we gave are guided by our great Leadership”. We are led by Founder Mr Anil Nair (CEO) and a strong leadership team and we are mentored by industry veterans Mr. S. Ramadorai Former CEO – Tata Consultancy Services & Mr. Jayaramakrishnan, Former Head Global Alliances, Tata Consultancy Services, who guide us towards the future.

Advisory Board

Subramanian Ramadorai
Padma Bhushan
Mr. Subramanian Ramadorai
Former CEO of Tata Consultancy Services

Subramanian Ramadorai (Ex-CEO TCS), was the adviser to the Prime Minister of India in the national council on skill development, Government of India. He held the rank equivalent to an Indian Cabinet Minister. Earlier, he was CEO and MD of Tata Consultancy ...

Mr. K. Jayaramakrishnan
Former Head – Global Alliances of TCS

K. Jayaramakrishnan, popularly known as JRK, has around 35 years in the IT Industry
He had roles starting from ground level execution transforming into senior leadership and board level responsibilities and experience in sales & marketing acros Global markets. He has been widely recognized for operational ...


Anil Nair - GIBots
Mr. Anil Nair
Founder and CEO

Former director at Amdocs, was a part of R&D, Delivery, Managed services and Operations during his 20 years in IT industry. Has been awarded “Innovator of the year” in 2015 for his work in the...

Ajinkya - GIBots
Mr. Ajinkya Muley
Head - Blue Ocean

A go-getter with loads of energy and talent. Impossible word doesn’t exist in his dictionary. We call him Mr. reliable and is leading the efforts in NLP and AI implementation...

Nishant Madkaikar - GIBots
Mr. Nishant Madkaikar
VP- Enterprise Architect

Nishant Madkaikar, Senior Architect, Infosys served for 19 years at Infosys architecting multiple mission critical projects through releases spread across the year including complex compliance systems. Have...

Ananta Misal - GIBots
Mr.Ananta Misal

A silent individual who started as a Novice programmer and in 3 years turned into a Senior Architect. Responsible for building and setting up key elements of GIBots platform.....

Shailaja Gokhale - GIBots
Ms. G Shailaja
Delivery Head-Global

30+ years of experience in managing heavy duty projects for clients in various industries. Was playing a role of General Manager in her last organization responsible for entire India operations. A go getter by nature she can handle whatever comes her way...

Prakash Kulkarni - GIBots
Mr. Prakash Kulkarni
Head –BD & Alliances

Over 25+ years of experience in business development and have been part of big multi nationals including the likes of Reliance industries. Great in relationship building and understanding the client challenges and giving an effective solution to every client need....