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We’re a bunch of innovators and disruptors working together with the passion to build an enterprise-grade No Code platform with advanced capabilities in AI, ML, NLP, and Analytics. The platform providers enterprises to reimagine and reengineer their digital transformation journey making them truly innovative, cutting edge, and ahead of the curve.

The simplicity of the platform allows enterprises to digitally transform their business without writing any code. With every day invested by us in the platform, we aim to empower our customers to take informed business decisions and to grow and make their businesses profitable.

  • Reducing total cost of operations and reducing errors.
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving customer satisfaction.


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Comprehensive Intelligent Information Management (IIM)

What we do

Our vision at GIBots is to Empower Enterprises through our continuous technological innovation.

Our mission is to build the world’s first SaaS-based Hybrid automation platform on the cloud across OS, Devices, functions, and Industries & to be the number 1 choice for all our customers.

Today with this mission, we became the Pioneers in Document Digitization Technology and a SaaS-based platform that can automate any business process using the technologies such as Image & Text Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Automation using Web & Windows Recorder, Automation over Citrix Environment, and powered with hyper automation, OCR, NLP, AI & Machine Learning.

GIBots is a No-code Symphonic & Cognitive platform for enterprises with enhanced AI & machine learning capabilities. We are pioneers are in Information Digitization Technology with deep-tech expertise in Image, Text &Video Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Object Detection & Face recognition, and a SaaS-based platform that can automate any business process. The product is highly customizable; all can be achieved merely through configurations without writing any code

As we also envisage a technology change every 2 to 3 years we have built our platform in such a manner that new technologies can be introduced seamlessly and quickly e.g. AI/ML, Face Recognition, Voice-enabled services, etc. Something unique about our platform is the Multi-Tenant feature which allows automation to be delivered as a managed service in a hosted environment.

At the heart of the platform, we have incorporated high-end technologies such as Image, Text & Video Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Application Automation using Web & Windows Recorder, Automation over Citrix Environment (Surface Automation) & powered with hyper automation, OCR, NLP, AI & Machine Learning. As our platform is SaaS-enabled, it is available for clients as an on-premise / private /public cloud solution.

GIBots Architecture

GIBots has envisaged a completely revolutionary architecture consisting of pre-built and configurable components including process repository, bot repository, workflow, Rule engine, UI studio, supported by strong Reporting & Rule engine with SLA & Queue Management. These are industry agnostic and hence they can be combined and configured to address any industry use case and delivered within a very short period of time (weeks). In addition, the platform is able to support integration to core systems through standard protocols like file transfer & API integration.
This architecture and flexibility have allowed us to deploy our platform across the industry successfully with absolutely no coding involved in stitching the process.

Some of the noteworthy examples are 3W/4W Reconciliation in Procure to Pay processes in Retail & CPG; Video KYC, Fraud Management, Impersonation Detection, Insurance Claim & Loan Processing in Insurance; Bank Reconciliation & Automatic Cheque Clearing in Financial Services; Document Vectorization & P&ID Drawings in Manufacturing & Oil & Gas sector; Publishing Automation; Medical Emergency Tracking & Prescription Digitization in Healthcare.
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