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Welcome to Part 5 of the six-part series on “How to Manage your Time, Instead of Time Managing Us “.

In the previous four parts, we have explored how Staying Healthy”, “Planning the Day”, “Managing the Daily Tasks” & Staying Motivated” can help us in Managing our Time effectively. In Part-5, we will discuss about “Discipline”.

5. Discipline

Self-discipline is the art of getting yourself to take action irrespective of your mental state


• Clarity issues

• Long-term success impossible

• Missing out on valuable details and pieces of information

• Failing to respect deadlines

• Getting paid less than those who are effective

• Having to work overtime to finish tasks

Time Managment
Time Managment

Self-discipline helps

• Freedom from all bad habits allows feeling inner strength and talent. Be a master of, rather than a slave to thoughts and emotions.

• Spontaneous by choice but not by force – while building be disciplined, while solving problems, be creative. For undisciplined everything is firefighting.

• “I had few successes and I can take a break” thought weakens self-esteem and you build a habit of giving in.

• It is a personal decision, so be in control of your environment rather than the environment driving you.

To Summarize: “Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.” – John C. Maxwell.

This brings us to the end of Part 5: Discipline

In Part 6, let’s have a check-up on what you have followed from the last 5 parts, we have shared with you. And in the final part, we bring to you a bonus lesson on “What do Successful People Do Differently?”

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