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Welcome to Part 3 of the six-part “How to Manage your Time, Instead of Time Managing Us “series.

In Part 1 & 2, we explored how Staying Healthy” & “Planning the Dayhelps us in Managing our Time. In Part 3, let’s explore how to “Manage the Daily Tasks”. 

3.      Managing the Daily Tasks

Once planning and prioritization is done, the next important activity is to make sure we are able to manage the tasks in the given timeline. Else, the entire planning effort goes waste.

Time Managment

Tricks and Tips to manage them well within the planned day

Organize yourself – Your work area should be clean and decluttered. Take care of housework before you start office work. Keep required things, like, water, notebook, pen/pencil, chargers, mobile, etc. handy. The task plan for the day should be ready.

Use calendar – Set meetings/reminders/deadlines to check on the timelines.

Dependent activities – Take care of dependent activities first, activities in which others are dependent on you, or you are dependent on others. Send reminders to people on whom you have a dependency.

Group tasks – Group similar tasks together. Group parallel tasks, that can be done along with some main activity.

Task timing – There are the best times of the day for all of us. Understand what is it for you and plan the tasks accordingly. Pick up tasks that need focus when your mind is fresh.

Delegate –If any task does not require your specific skills, then see if you can delegate it.



Review progress – Continuously review progress and keep a time check and decide if you need to take some additional steps to speed up.

The end goal – Keep in mind that every activity is interlinked with many other activities and a small delay of one task may cause a huge impact on the overall plan and deliverables.

Take help – If you are stuck, take help. Do not abandon tasks if you are not able to do them. Do not stretch it so much that, it impacts other activities/planning. Escalate if required.

Do not waste time – Utilize the time you are waiting for help in doing some other activity.

Handle quick tasks – If a is going to take only a few seconds or minutes take care of it then and there.

Be diligent – Do the task right the very first time. Be very meticulous and do due diligence for all your activities.

Time Managment

To Summarize: “Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.” – Lord Chesterfield

This brings us to the end of Part 3: Managing the Daily Tasks

In Part 4, we will understand how “Staying Motivated” helps us to manage time. Till then Stay Tuned and share with us your views on have you adopted the measures I spoke about in the previous parts of the series. 

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