DigiDoc - Document Digitization Hyperautomation Solution

GIBots is a symphonic No Code Hyper-Automation SaaS- based platform. We are pioneers in Business Process Automation & E2E Legal contract digitization Solution using OCR/NLG/AI & ML technologies.

End to End intelligent Contract Digitization
  • Multi-channel input PDF, XML, JPEG, TIFF, PNG
  • Document Splitter functionality
  • Both Header & Line-Item Data Capture
  • Automated Validation and verification
  • Un-Attended Straight-Through Processing(STP) Cycle
  • 2W & 3W Data Reconciliation models
  • Auto-learning ML models
  • Multi-language support
  • Workflow/Task Management
  • Process Completion Email/SMS Notification
  • Real-time Reports & Dashboards
  • Seamless integration
Undesirable Keywords or Clause Detection & Annual Renewal Alerts
  • Applicable for any types or format of Master Service Agreement or Contract
  • Capable to read only relevant clauses and sub-clause from the whole contract
  • Annual Reminders for renewal
  • Alerts on undesirable clauses
Amendment Detection & Interpretation
  • Types of stamp detection from contract: standard stamp & non standard.
  • GSTN No. and Registration of companies check on government portals.
  • Contract templates creation
  • Summary extraction
Stakeholder Management
  • Both Pull & Push mechanism for Tasks
  • FIFO: first task in first task out , Queue Kicking,etc.
  • Functionality to Add/Delete/Update queue
  • Queue Access Management - Admin & Task access
  • Task sorting by Priority and Time of task creation
  • SLA's can be configured against KPI's & Tasks