100% RBI Compliant KYC Suite

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Onboard Your Customers Faster With Our Updated Video KYC process for Customer Identification Process.

In a welcome move, the RBI has recently permitted using Video KYC as a means of remote customer verification in the banking and financial services sector. GiBots KYC SUITE is an AI driven end to end KYC solution in less than 2 minutes for Customer Identification Process. Future focused BFSI and Fintech companies can take benefit if this Video and Self KYC process.

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Key Features of KYC SUITE:

Digital KYC
This involves Live photo capturing of Customer on Video and validating documents and proof of possession of documents for Verifying Identification Information.
Real Time Self KYC
Customer will now be able record their own verification process from any remote location through our app and then it will be forwarded to officials for further verification.
Fraud Check
Applicant data and face would be verified and immediately recognized and flagged off.

Live PAN Verification
During Online KYC process customers are required to display their Pan Card to camera so the Information would be captured and gathered for identity verification.
AI-enabled Intelligent Signature Matching
Signature Matching feature will use the proprietary signature matching solution to verify submitted customer signature against customer signature available in the Bank along with matching percentage.

Matching Face ID with Face in the Video KYC
In Video KYC, the system will match the face on ID provided with the face of the customer displayed in the live video to make sure it is the same person in the video and on the ID proof along with the Challenge-Response Technique.
Offline Aadhar Verification
Companies can now carry out Offline Verification of Aadhaar Details for Identification Verification. (Aadhaar XML file should not be older than 3 days of generation).

Data Storage and Encryption Compliance
Customer's data and Video Recordings will be stored in an inbuilt DMS system. The customer data along with complete audio-video journey of a customer will be encrypted, compressed, will also carry a date and time stamp & will be securely saved in the inbuilt DMS System.

Advantages of KYC SUITE:

Mobile Based
Minimum Human
All Device